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My Policies

CLASS FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. I am a really small business. I do not have the flexibility of large companies. Please check your calendar before committing to a class enrollment. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS BEFORE THE DATE OF YOUR CLASS IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN A CLASS CREDIT. Failure to do so means forfeiture of your class fee. If arrangements are made before the deadline, students may transfer fees as a credit, to another class(subject to availability). There are no make-up classes for any missed classes. If you miss a class you can schedule a private lesson for an additional fee to get caught up. *For example, if your class is at 12:30 on a Sunday, you must call or send an email to cancel your class by close of business on the Tuesday before.

Note that if you register for a 6 or 8 week class, you can miss up to 2 classes and make up those classes at other times those classes are offered.

Inclement Weather Policy

A Special Lee Sewing and Craft Cafe will follow Federal Government Inclement Weather Policy for that day.

Late Policy

A Special Lee Sewing and Craft Cafe has a 15 minute grace period for class arrival. Any time after the fifteen minutes the instructor will make an effort to get the student caught up. The student may not get any missed instruction only what is needed to get caught up. A half hour or more late the student will forfeit the class with no refund or class credit.